Background pt. 1 (with TCB)

from In Your Eyes by Koa

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Just a stranger… just a passerby
Never the focus… never in the light
Working my ass off… just to move with the current
The nonstop motions… turn my stomach

I’m so sick of… being ignored
Tired of the notion that I can’t be something more
No, I won’t stay inside - tonight I’m breaking out
Taking this in my own hands, I’ll give them something to talk about

I’m no big deal to you
But I’m a big deal to me
I’m the protag in my life
Not just an extra behind the scenes
If I’m no one to you,
Then you’re no one to me
Fuck being stuck in the crowd
I ain’t a background pony

Are you content… to stay this way?
Just a blur in the peripheral, nothing more to say?
I’ve wasted too much time dulling myself out
I’ll shine so bright I’m blinding, give you something to talk about

A little shift in perspective
Flips the whole narrative
A little shift in perspective… mmm

A little shift in perspective
Flips the whole damn narrative
Just a little bit
Just give me a little bit


from In Your Eyes, released October 24, 2021
production by TCB
composition, lyrics, vocals by Koa


all rights reserved



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