Shipping and return policies for Mumble Etc.

Shipping Info

Once we have dispatched your item, it should take up to a week to arrive within the USA, and up to 3 weeks for the rest of the world.

We aim to dispatch things within 10 days or so. Sometimes this can take longer if we receive many orders in a short time or are otherwise swamped. You will always receive an email confirmation from Bandcamp when we have dispatched your order, though.

Return Policy
If you have an issue, you are welcome to contact us any time about anything to do with your order and we'll get back to you promptly. However, here's a few things that might cover your query:

- If we have dispatched your order but it hasn't arrived within our predicted window for your region, we'd suggest giving it about another week or so before contacting us as some postal services have been less reliable as of late.

- If it seems like a longer-than-reasonable amount of time has passed then please do contact us. We can offer a full refund. There is also a chance if your product was undelivered that it will be returned to sender. In this case we will contact you to determine how to proceed (try again, refund, etc).

- If we refund you and your product returns to us after the fact, we will contact you in the case that you might want to re-purchase it and try again. We will refrain from putting your product back up for general sale until you have responded to our contact, unless you're unresponsive after multiple attempts.

If your product has arrived but something is missing, contact us ASAP and we will do your best to send out the missing part for you free of charge. If we do not have stock to replace your missing item we will offer a partial refund to the value of the missing element(s).

All of our products are checked before sending to ensure they are in perfect condition, and are sent in packaging that should protect the product given it is handled correctly.

- In the case that your product has arrived damaged to the point where it cannot be used (eg. the CD does not play), we can offer you a full refund, or in the case that we still have stock, a choice to have the product replaced (however, we must ask that you cover shipping costs).

- In the case that your product has suffered from cosmetic damage during transit (eg. a cracked, scratched, scuffed CD case) but otherwise functions, we regrettably cannot offer any form of compensation.

This has become a somewhat unpredictable realm. Packages of high total value are likely to be held by customs in your country until a fee is paid by you. What counts as "high" ranges by region and is up to you to research.
However, unless you are ordering a large quantity of our items in one go, a typical package from us (1 or 2 CDs or so) shouldn't be of enough value to warrant you paying extra to receive it. That said, we have no say in this or know if it will happen, and a small amount of our customers have had a customs charge slapped on a single CD in the past, even if the total value is low.

It is entirely up to you if you pay this fee, but we cannot compensate you if you do. If you choose not to pay it, the product will be returned to us, in which case we will contact you to ask if you want a refund or wish to try again (however, we must ask that you cover shipping costs).