Shipping and return policies for Mumble Etc.

Shipping Info

Items will usually be shipped on the first Friday following your purchase, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, depending on if am able to get to town.

Those of you in the UK can expect to get your thingy in the next couple of days after dispatch.
Those of you in Europe etc. can expect to see your thingy within a week after dispatch, but maybe more.
Those of you from anywhere else, it can range from 5 days to a couple of weeks after dispatch.


These are manufactured on demand in the USA and shipped directly to you by the manufacturer. Postage+manufacture times can total up to 3 weeks, averaging at ~2.
USA should receive packages soonest, other destinations will vary depending on distance from the USA.

Please note that Createspace goods will not be able to be signed as they are not directly handled by me. I'm willing to arrange this sort of thing, however. Contact me via the Contact button and we'll sort something out together, along the lines of: You grab the CD, then send it to me with a little slip of paper or something inside with your address, I'll sign it and/or do whatever you want to it, and send it back. I have to ask that you'll pay postage both ways for this though. We'll sort it out together :)
Return Policy
If your item doesn't work or has arrived broken in the mail, please feel free to get in contact with me via the contact form on this site, or via Facebook or something. I'll be happy to arrange a replacement of your item (providing I have any copies left), or refund in the case that I don't.