To the Nines

by Koa

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Fillydelphia Radio
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Fillydelphia Radio A nice, poppy album with fantastic vocals.
flutterwry thumbnail
flutterwry This album is absolutely addicting, and in particular Mad Horse Favorite track: Mad Horse (feat. General Mumble).
David Ford
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David Ford If there was a “Rising Star” award for brony music, I believe Koa would take it for the past year. Her submissions have been highlights of the recent P@D albums, and now this debut album further showcases her talent. With great vocals amidst an impressively diverse array of genres, Koa has truly taken her music “to the nines.” Favorite track: Broken Wings.
Mewtwo Havoka
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Mewtwo Havoka Koa is a breath of fresh air in the brony music scene. I’m happy to support her and hope she keeps making music for years to come! Favorite track: Broken Wings.
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About a year in the making, my debut album is finally here!
Wow, that feels weird and a little pretentious to say. But! It's here!

I hope you enjoy what my friends and I have made for you! Thank you so so much for listening! <3



General Mumble (if you don't already know...):

Francis Vace:


Luck Rock:



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released February 9, 2020

All music produced by Koa

General Mumble: Vocals on tracks 2, 6, 8; bubbles on track 3; add'l. guitars on track 6; add'l. production on track 8; add'l mixing; mastering

Francis Vace: Writing on track 5

PegasYs: Vocals, guitar, add'l. production on track 6

Luck Rock: Vocals on track 7

ShobieShy: Add'l. writing, vocals on track 7

Illustration by Koa:
Design by Koa and Poowis:

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Track Name: Talk to Me
You’re feelin’ kinda low
You ask me how I know
It’s just because I know... you
I see it in your eyes
And I really wouldn’t mind
If you wanted someone to hold you

‘Cause when the night falls,
I know it falls heavy
But if you’ll let me, I can be your levy
And pick you up again

If your skies turn gray
And the rain just pours for days
Whatever the weather,
You can always talk to me
If your heart’s weighed down
And your feet sink in the ground
We can take it together
You can always talk to me

If you’re not okay
It’s okay to say
You don’t have to fake it
If it hurts too much
Let me come in clutch (do people still say that?)
Together we’ll make it

And if the night calls for you, don’t you worry
I’ll be there with you in a hurry
I’ll pick you up again

You can tell me anything, I’ll hear it all
If you’re tired of everything, give me a call
I’m never giving up, I’ll never let you down
I’m always just so glad that you’re around

I think it’s time you know
That I’m not letting go, oh no
Let me pick you up again
Track Name: Mad Horse (feat. General Mumble)
Cold shoulder, leaving me on “read”
Real mature
Aren’t we old enough to use our words instead?
Or is this par for the course?

I’m so sick and tired of the games that you play
I’ve been keeping quiet, bottling in my brain
But now I can’t deny it, think I’m going insane
Tearing off the tethers, ripping off all the reins

I’m a salt shaker, boutta pour it all out
I’mma let you taste the bitterness in my mouth
Don’t you brush me off, I’m not fooling around
Said I can take a hit, but you’re the one on the ground

Buck up all your courage and take a swing
Put up your hooves and face the music, let me hear you sing
I’m ready, what are you waiting for?
I’m taking this mare by the horn - I’m a mad, mad horse

My patience, I feel it running thin
It’s been too long
Just break it to me, I can take it to the chin
Just tell me what’s going on

Why we sitting still like time ain’t passing us by?
Why you look away when I look you in the eye?
Why can’t you just own it? You’ve got nothing to hide
But I’ve been done braying and I’m ready to bite

Celestia forgive me for the words in my head
Trying to be patient but I’m clinging to threads
I’ve already said too much, why don’t you respond?
I’m waiting for you in the ring so bring it on
Track Name: Take Off (Confidence)
Now listen up!

Stretch those, stretch those glutes
Let's see some faster trotting
Nice flexibility
Good pace, keep it up
We're gonna need all the wing-power we can get
To break that record, smash that record
Are we ready to do this, do this?
Cloudsdale still needs water
Let's give it all we've got

Take off!

Confidence, or no confidence, I need you, need you

Are we gonna train hard?
Are we gonna be strong?
Are we gonna be fast?
Record-smashing fast?
Are we gonna train hard?
Are we gonna be strong?
Are we gonna be fast?
Who's with me?

(Get your numbers up)

Track Name: Broken Wings
Is it what you expected?
The answer is no, I already know
You're just like the others
The sisters and brothers that came before you
They looked just like you do

Lemme guess, you wanna run away?
"It's just a bad dream, can't be as it seems"
Oh, but it can
It's all according to plan

The grinding of gears, the echoing screams
That will forever haunt your dreams
Once the blade is sunk in deep
And sends you off to sleep

Oh, the colors give me life
Beauty that only destruction can bring
Say goodbye to the light
That will shine through what is left of you
The colors bleeding from your broken wings

I see your body shaking
You wanna be free, but don't you see?
You're too late
There's zero chance of escape

All of this wretched machinery
Will be your last glimpse of scenery
Hush now, quiet now, don't you cry
Just kiss the world goodbye
Track Name: Silent
I can't count the years since we all lost our voice
And not a day goes by that I don't regret my choice
I wish I had the words to make them change their ways
I wish I had the courage to leave like Autumn Blaze

Now there's a mare in front of me
She's asking if I speak
She must not know about the stream
She says her name and then repeats
And then slumps down in defeat
And I don't know if I should dare to dream

Lost track of all the things I've wanted to say
All the thoughts I've held in so I can stay
But we have peace now, and surely peace must be upheld
But there's a mare in front of me and it seems she wants to help

'Cause rainbows won't light up the sky
Unless you let it rain
You can't give up your laughter
'Cause you're scared of a little pain
Track Name: JFJF (feat. PegasYs)
They really think they know what's best for us?
Well, if that's what they think, they don't know much
We can be just friends, just friends, just friends if we wanna be

So are you dumb or just colorblind?
Have you even seen his palette next to mine?
Some things are just not, just not, just not, just not meant to be

And one of them is him and me!

Why can't you let a good thing lie?
Quit getting wet, we're keeping dry
Don't get ahead of yourself, we're doing just fine
Just friends, just fine, just friends, just fine

If I so much as stand next to you
They say it's just so long before "I do"s
Yeah it's all too much, too much, too much, too much for us

Sure, I can count on you in a pinch
But isn't that just what friendship is?
Yeah it's all too much, too much, too much, think we've had enough

Seriously, what the fSQUEE?

Why can't you leave a good thing be?
It's so damn clear to see
That we don't need any help, we're doing just fine
Just friends, just fine, just friends, just fine

I can say "I love you"
And I can say "I love you too"
Without the lewd, lewd, lewd, lewd things that they want us to do
What's wrong with you?
I can be your shoulder
And I can be your confidant
Without the kiss-and-tell, one bed at the hotel
Sail your ship right into hell

Have you not seen Trixie Lulamoon?
Can't you two get a fSQUEEing room?!
Track Name: Second Best (feat. Luck Rock & ShobieShy)
The cards are stacked against me, that much is clear
They'd all just love to watch me disappear

I'm feeling kinda disenchanted
A puff of smoke, their wish is granted

My "powerful and great"
Turns colorless and gray
The ultraviolet shines over the blue
I'm seeing stars
It's no illusion, I'm falling apart
But the curtains hide the truth

She smiled at me softly, her words so kind
But I know better, I know, I know
It's all a lie

I'm sorry, Princess, please forgive me
It's not just you who will outlive me

When I look upon myself
In the mirror, I see my eyes
Filled with emptiness I felt
All I can do is sit and cry
Why'd they drive me away?
I just wanted to entertain
Fine, then have it your way
I hope they know they caused this pain

Simple mare, talent right
With no despair and magic lights
To show and make ponies' nights
But all it ever brings is strife
Life is asinine unless a casket pulls a massive heist
Relaxing time, at last I'll find a lasso trap and then be fine
Try my best, it's not enough this time
Always bested and one-upped in life
Seems my quest to be on top's a crime
You got your wish, I'll flatten the monitor line
Track Name: Awoken (feat. General Mumble)
Track Name: To the Nines
Step down from the runway
Spotlight’s on me to stay
Done up from tail to mane
I’ll turn this town into a cabaret

When the curtains have closed,
And the lights are off, still I know
Color isn’t limited by lines
The stage doesn’t end with the show
So I’m taking mine on the road
I’ll make my every day divine

Hold my head up high
Make it sparkle, make it shine
So alive, the world is mine
Until the end of time,
I’m taking it to the nines, the nines

Darling, why the long face?
Come now, don’t be that way
Chin up, look to the sun
And see a brand new beautiful day has begun

If you find yourself a little lost,
Take a break and a breath and fear not
There’s no need to make a fuss
Change can be hard, this I know
But without change, we cannot grow
Who knows? The future could be fabulous