The Battle of Medulla

by Daemien x General Mumble



A few days prior to the release of this mini album, I took some codeine to relieve myself of a slight headache.

Instead of just killing the pain as I expected, it left me in a sense of illness and euphoria for the best part of that day. I took the opportunity to make some music, and it turned out very, very strange. I had no inspiration for anything other than noise and frantic dissonance.

The same, strange music-block carried on for a few days, so I continued to experiment. The three tracks here are basically a mini aural painting of what was going on in my imagination during this period of musical possession.

Okay so obviously I wasn't possessed, but thinking of it that way was fun for the imagination, and the reason for the use of two aliases.

Lesson, don't take codeine for a headache.


released September 12, 2012

All music composed by Gen̶̛er͡͝͠a̸̛l̡ ̕M͞͞u ̕d̷̢͢EA͞e̸͜͠i̷m͡a҉è͢rn


all rights reserved



Mumble Etc. UK

Hello. I am British.

When not preparing tea, I'm running the Mumble Etc. project - a kind of one-man record label. All the artists featured here are characters in my head that make the music in my head.

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