Second Best (feat. Luck Rock & ShobieShy)

from Second Best (feat. Luck Rock & ShobieShy) by Koa

M Etc. Inc. exclusive


The cards are stacked against me
That much is clear
They'd all just love to watch me

I'm feeling kinda disenchanted
A puff of smoke, their wish is granted

My powerful and great
Turns colourless and grey
The ultraviolet shines over the blue
I'm seeing stars
It's no illusion, I'm falling apart
But the curtains hide the truth

She smiled at me softly
Her words so kind
But I know better, I know, I know
It's all a lie

I'm sorry, Princess, please forgive me
It's not just you who will outlive me

When I look upon myself
In the mirror I see my eyes
Filled with emptiness I felt
All I can do is sit and cry

Why’d they drive me away
I just wanted to entertain
Fine then, have it your way
I hope they know they caused this pain

Simple mare, talent right
With no despair and magic lights
To show and make ponies nights
But all it ever brings is strife
Life is asinine unless a casket pulls a massive heist
Relaxing time at last I’ll find a lasso trap and then be fine

Try my best it’s not enough this time
Always bested and one upped in life
Seems my quest to be on top’s a crime
You got your wish, I’ll flatten the monitor line


from Second Best (feat. Luck Rock & ShobieShy), released October 16, 2019


all rights reserved



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