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Stuff I Made When I Was a Teenager and Thought Skrillex Was Cool

by Koa

M Etc. Inc. exclusive
Instinct, or is it in our blood Reaching out for the other one Seeking what's yet to be found Stepping onto untouched ground Your eyes meet mine, keep time with me Your eyes, shining beautifully It's built into my code, now I'm feeling the connection How could I not have known of all my misdirection? Gears turning, my systems glitching out It's built into you, built into me Synergy Blindly, I searched the radar screen Not knowing you'd be there for me Feeling this same energy Reaching, your hand held onto me Your eyes met mine, kept time with me Your eyes, shining beautifully Electric sparks fly when your fingertips touch mine And my metallic heart starts racing Magnetic embrace, feel your warmth on my face As I hear your heart start racing
The rain has fallen down The sun is coming through the clouds I don't feel so alone I've got you for my own The street shines from the light Fantastic, shining bright You look into my eyes I know that you are mine This sweet connection that I feel Just tell me that you know it's real My eyes alight like rain, they're shining for you If only this could always be With all the raindrops glistening I'll always be here for you, I adore you Thunder may shake the ground And lightning pierce the air with sound But I'll stay here through it all I'll catch you when you fall The winds can swirl around The hail can try to break us down But I can make it through As long as I know I've got you
Wake up when the sun don't shine Step up to the narrow line Echoing in my mind is "Don't you stop now, don't you back down" (yeah) Caught up, feeling energized Head up, look the challenge in the eyes Echoing in my mind is "Don't you stop now, don't you back down" You gotta strive (Yeah) Sun is on the rise Haven't closed my eyes for hours But that's okay by me, yeah Light on the horizon That's what keeps me trying hard To break the mold to pieces This is all-out war, so worth fighting for Future's an open door, I wanna make it real so I Shut out the nerves and say "Where there's a will, there is a way" I'll jump into the fray I've got to keep on keeping on and strive Future's on my doorstep, I can hear it knock It rings every day, wake up like an alarm clock All I need, the right words, I got this writer's block Stop - pen in hand, I'll hit this verse like shellshock Stay up all night and fight off all the dreams 'Cause I won't be living mine if I stop and fall asleep Nothing I want more - shut my eyes, float downstream But I gotta keep on keeping on to better company
I have something inside of me Like a heart (Feel my heart beat) My beat's faster, faster (Feel my heart beat) My beat's faster, faster (Feel my heart beat) I feel that beating inside of me Like a heart (Feel my heart beat) My beat's faster, faster (Feel my heart beat) My beat's faster, faster (Feel my heart beat) What is this inside? I can feel it in me Why, why, why?


These songs cover my growth as a producer between winter of 2011 and fall of 2015, listed in chronological order.

My apologies for the horrible, horrible mixing present during the majority of this album. Just don't tell young me. She tried her best.


released December 14, 2018

All music produced by me

Vocals on tracks 21 and 25, and photo editing by Jaime Murrel: soundcloud.com/jmex


all rights reserved



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