Broken Wings

by Koa

M Etc. Inc. exclusive


released July 24, 2019


all rights reserved



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When not preparing tea, we're running the Mumble Etc. project - a power-couple record label. All the artists featured here are characters in our heads that make the music in our heads.

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Track Name: Koa - Broken Wings
Is it what you expected?
The answer is no, I already know
You're just like the others
The sisters and brothers that came before you
They looked just like you do

Lemme guess, you want to run away?
"It's just a bad dream, can't be as it seems"
Oh, but it can
It's all according to plan

The grinding of gears, the echoing screams
That will forever haunt your dreams
Once the blade is sunk in deep
And sends you off to sleep

Oh, the colours give me life
Beauty that only destruction can bring
Say goodbye to the light
That will shine through what is left of you
The colours bleeding from your broken wings

I see your body shaking
You want to be free, but don't you see?
You're too late
There's zero chance of escape

All of this wretched machinery
Will be your last glimpse of scenery
Hush now, quiet now, don't you cry
Just kiss the world goodbye